The Emotive Power of Creativity and Aesthetic Force

Giving Elegance to Comfortability 

The idea is to harness an approach toward design, that is timeless with an emotional impact. To set a space – to uncover different layers of personality, diversity, and taste –- you require absolute command of your mood board. Something that can only be achieved with the perfect combination of light, space, distinct texture, and patterns. Elegant but subtle, less is more is the new approach in the world of minimalism. One that is not just appealing to the eye but has its own aesthetic identity, where every piece stands out from the rest and shifts the mood. And when the sight of these emblematic furniture pieces grasps attention – our work is done. To create a clean world of elegance, that meets comfort - Sara Hayat is doing what she does best. Our design philosophy is more relevant today than ever.

We Set the New Precedence

With the ancestral legacy of more than 150 years, we at Sara Hayat seek to redefine the way interior design is mostly viewed. The approach is a perfect blend of modernism with traditionalism, by setting a unique trend in the industry of luxury furniture. Sara Hayat likes to challenge herself and her team with an end target to provide an eccentric piece without compromising on comfort. We are one of the few luxury furniture brands offering custom designs, and our master craftsmanship adds the artistic aura to the tiniest detail. Our handmade luxurious pieces are carefully reviewed to ensure that what is appealing to the eye is not compromised on revitalization. To be able to put together a piece that is exhilarating to the eye and the mind of the audience is the precedence, we set to achieve every time.

A Story That Can Stretch Through Generations

Aesthetics is an age-old principle that revolves around the nature of beauty. We believe that a good aesthetic is a great backbone to build on. When deciding what furniture to buy, you focus on what purpose it will serve. Likewise, when we are deciding to make a piece, we focus on how it will resonate. By working through in-depth mood boards, we build timeless pieces. The kind of pieces that are passed through generations. Each Luxury piece is crafted with a story, that echoes its message. Therefore, every time we defy all boundaries of creativity in design, colors, texture, and even the background to frame a marvel of beauty and comfort at the height of the designer’s chic. A timeless, classic interior is generally well balanced and there is a definite play of symmetry. The ultimate conundrum for Sara Hayat is to create either a trend-eschewing piece or orchestrate an eternal art.

From Signature Pieces to King George V to NFT

On King George V’s visit to the Indian sub-continent in 1911, M. Hayat & Bros, the ancestral company was one of the few designer brands tasked with crafting luxury furniture pieces to be presented directly to the king as a token of Indian gratitude. Now in the 21st century, Sara Hayat following her family’s footsteps is still leading the market by venturing into the world of Metaverse, crafting Non-Fungible Token projects with all their complexities of multi-dimensional designing. Over the years we have learned to master the skill to radiate the aesthetic charisma from every single design we have published, which is reflected in reviews from our very first customers to date. This uniqueness can only be achieved by creativity which has no bounds, and the final product is always a marvel for eternity.