The Emotive Power of Creativity and Aesthetic Force

Giving Elegance to comfortability 

Architecture sets the scene and delivers a framework, the entrance hypes the  expectations, but to reach a culminating impact on the vibe and mood of the space - you need distinction in your interior design. Something which can only be achieved  with the perfect combination of furniture, one that is not just appealing to the eye but has its own aesthetic identity, where every piece stands out from the rest. And when  the sight of this emblematic furniture pauses the audience – you may call it a job well done or money well spent. 

We set the new precedence 

With the ancestral legacy of more than 150 years, we at Sara Hayat seek to redefine  the way furniture is mostly viewed, by blending the colors of modernism and  traditionalism, by setting the new trend in the industry of luxury furniture with a new  and unique piece every time but never restricting our customers to accommodate  with our designs, we always provide them the flexibility of adjusting the designs to  what best fits in their background. We are one of the few luxury furniture brands who  offer custom designs and our master craftsmen add the artistic aura down to tiniest  detail. Our handmade pieces are carefully reviewed, to make sure that what is  appealing to the eye is also comfortable when seated on.  

A story that can stretch through generations 

When you are deciding what furniture to buy you focus on what purpose will it serve,  similarly when we are deciding to make a piece, we focus on what message will it  resonate which also can accumulate through time and has the ability to pass down  through generations. To build such strong base which holds on forever, we use the  perfect set of wood, crafted by hand and infused with luxury and sense of artistic  identity. Each and every luxury furniture we ever crafted has its own story, it echoes its  own message, therefore every time we defy all boundaries of creativity in design, in  colors, in texture and even in background to frame a marvel of beauty and comfort at  the height of designer’s chic.

From Signature piece to King George V to NFTs 

On King George V’s visit to Indian sub-continent in 1911, M. Hayat & Bros, the ancestral  company was one of the few designer brands tasked with crafting luxury furniture  pieces to be presented directly to the king as a token of Indian gratitude. Now in the  21st century Sara Hayat following her family footsteps, is still leading the market by venturing into the world of Metaverse, crafting Non-Fungible Token projects with all  their complexities of multi-dimensional designing. 

Over the years we have learned to master the skill to radiate the aesthetic charisma  from every single design we have published, which is reflected in reviews from our  very first customer till today. This uniqueness can only be achieved by creativity which has no bounds and the finale product is always a marvel which shins forever. 


"I belong everywhere I go, no matter where it is, or who I am with, as long as I never betray myself."

Brene Brown