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Design your Environment

There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with beauty and reminders that nudge you into fulfilling the vision you have for yourself. The power of aesthetics and beauty has a way of leaving us changed. Forcing us to see and feel beyond what we could’ve imagined possible. This shift in perception and feeling can be in a Vermeer painting or a song on the radio that pushes you outside of yourself. It can also be the beautifully imagined and designed furniture pieces in your home.
When designing my pieces, I wanted to create something that would be beautifully distinctive yet functional. I am proud to say we have been granted 10 design copyrights and have several more pending.
But coming up with designs was challenging in more ways than one. Every part of the piece has been thought out from the ground up. From the materials used to joinery techniques, to how different elements of the piece will come together, we wanted to make sure they serve their intended purpose in your home.
Since the 1870s, my family has produced timeless, antique reproductions for dignitaries and esteemed clients the world over. By continuously exploring and experimenting with different materials and manufacturing techniques, our skilled craftsmen and artisans have produced pieces that are intricate and elegant.
I hope our hard work and dedication to the craft shines through in our designs. I have tried to make each item unique and functional and I hope they add beauty in your lives and your homes.