Audacious Designs

Lattice Coffee Table: A Summit of Aesthetic Individuality


Like waves thrashing the shores, like the breeze exiting the sea, such is the thrilling sight at the Lattice Coffee Table, one of the most emblematic designs by Sara Hayat - at the peak of designer’s chic. One aspect that this writer is delighted to highlight; is the uniqueness of this piece and a paradox in its nature. When you see the top, you would feel that the table is offering a very rough surface, but instead it is much smoother than a fully furnished marble. By just a single look one can easily tell that the design is meant to be audacious, it is made to disperse a unique aura in the room marking its presence. Well, the aesthetics at play on the spheres at the bottom have a tale of their own, one that include the countless nights spent to make them as perfect as they are, the metallic structure is inspired by the Olympic rings with a honeycomb melting down a tree effect incorporated in it, merging elements of nature with universal sport. The color theme and the design were fairly a tough job, sometimes even if a needle is wrongly placed it ruins the entire piece, and that’s why much stress was laid into the placements. The geometric complexity behind the metal mesh is a marvel of design and physics, the structure is beautiful enough that it shines from the other corner of the room and strong enough to with hold the weight of the stone table top, for generations on. As with all the designs, this was started with drawing a table by imagining the most unconventional design possible. This writer believes that the team most probably did not land where they had originally planned to in the end, but as they say to get something out of the box you just need to throw creative idea one over another until something truly spectacular get out. So surround yourself with things that remind you of your potential and all you can be.