Luxury : the illusion of greater than.

Have you ever wondered why most CEOs and high-ranking officials arrange crucial corporate meetings,  mostly with other CEOs, at a private resort or a luxury five-star hotel? Will that same meeting reach a  different conclusion if conducted in a moderate conference room? 

The illusion of luxury is directly linked with the psychology behind how people perceive things on the  basis of their appearance, this is not only true for the corporate culture but for every sphere of life.  Luxury is not just convenience, it’s a fashion which resonates the identity of the person who holds it. You  can say that luxury is a non-tangible asset that comes as a complement with some specific goods that  have the power of aesthetic individuality. Luxury provides these goods with the same aura you will find  in a five-star hotel and will probably miss in a moderate conference room. 

Sara Hayat helps you deliver that aesthetic aspiration to your room, the creativity behind our furniture designs cast them in the dominion of luxury, and each piece that we have crafted ever since fits the very definition of artistic marvel. 

If you are looking for Luxury, you will find it in Details 

It is argued that luxury is to do with a state of mind of those who own it, but with the ancestral lineage of 150 years we at Sara Hayat have come to this conclusion that luxury is the only ingredient that sells,  the critics argue that owning luxury products is more to do with the mindset of the proprietor, a sense  of self-fulfillment for them. But we think different, luxury has noting to do with the mind set of those  

who own it, rather it is focused on those who see it in the hands of its proprietor. The piece that draws  your attention from a plethora of furniture, the art that goes deep within the roots and makes it  irresistible to applaud, we call it luxury. 

That is where we draw the link between aesthetic individuality and luxury, in the end it all comes down  to the design, even though it never speaks but has the ability to deliver the right message. That massage may differ from person to person, from place to place, from culture to culture because it is to do with  the spectator not the proprietor or the designer. That implies that each design must be capable of  delivering multiple messages, should converse in multiple languages, be bold to audacious audiences, be  bright to jovial audiences and even be dull to monotonous audiences. To wrap all these characteristics  into one piece, is the summit of aesthetic excellence, a crown that suits only those who know how to  blend in the illusion of luxury and direct it to their command.


"I belong everywhere I go, no matter where it is, or who I am with, as long as I never betray myself."

Brene Brown