Unfolding the Aesthetic Blend Between Design and Comfort

Its Not About Design Only..

Sara Hayat takes absolute pride in the family legacy, and how we time and again can deliver distinctive pieces to your spaces. From creating a luxury line for five-star hotels, and boutiques to contemporary home furniture. We have mastered it all by offering custom-made pieces, that will set the mood and add layers to your interior. We are mindful of high-end luxury aesthetics with a strong backing of skilled craftsmanship to achieve the perfect blend between design and comfort.

Hallmark of Timeless

The hallmark of timeless design theory is to pass on through generations but to remain relevant – an end goal very close to our soul. An interior designer’s aim is not only to fulfill their creative need but to also deliver a piece of art that the buyer resonates with. To play with light, color palette, texture, and patterns to create a dream space. We apply the level of craftsmanship that we have achieved over the years, to not compromise on comfort. Magic happens – when you believe, and we believe that there is no such design as unattainable.

Building a Connection 

Creating space with a sense of belonging, a house that has a homely feel. A hotel lobby area that is welcoming! It is building a connection – looking at a sofa that makes you want to plop on it. A piece of furniture, room, study – you can add the element of warmth and coziness to any of these. A well-thought-out mood board is like a bible. You must listen and pay attention to build that connection. You must curate your space in a way, that it speaks. You can make it warm, formal, or fun. Understanding the client’s wishes and illustrating them is the key to the success of any project so that we can obtain a real sense of the outcome before undertaking relatively demanding building work.

The Final Dash 

The idea is to transform all our learning and experiences having decades in this field and apply it. Sara Hayat is at a place, where our only competition is we. We need to keep rising our own standards, putting forward our legacy. We are proud to establish a brand name, that not only delivers high-end products – these pieces are one of a kind. We create spaces, and pieces that are art, they will move the audience and leave a lasting impression. They emote emotions, you will look and keep staring! The idea is to never limit our thoughts and ideas. At Sara Hayat, the designs are timeless as well as limitless.