Want handmade luxury furniture? With decades of experience, we present the best handmade luxury furniture to you.

All furniture is handcrafted with meticulous design and crafted for you by a team of over 40 experts. All of our furniture is available in catchy fabrics to choose from.

Limited Edition yet handmade luxury furniture

We design limited-edition handmade luxury furniture with quality, creativity and selection. We design modern products for people who love and want to create and model beautiful craftsmanship especially in furniture handmade .

We are always looking for new, innovative ways of working while using the usual procedures, appreciating our quality work, good design, and listening and understanding your needs and your owners.

Our luxury furniture is highly crafted by hand
Our staff is highly skilled with years of experience in designing and manufacturing furniture by hand. And our Staff is knowledgeable and skilled about advice and support.

We create unique and beautiful furniture for consumers, interior designers and architects. Sara Hayat Design creates a collection of integrated, minimalist furniture and interior accessories with the aim of pushing the boundaries of designer and handcrafted furniture.