Sara Hayat continues the artisan tradition in the design and production of custom-made furniture in the region. With decades of experience in these, we specialize in home design solutions for all areas of the home including bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces and offices. our custom made furniture expands to cover the design, production and installation of homes, entertainment, alcove lounges, cabinets, bedroom furniture, radiators, bathroom furniture and more.

We focus on designing design solutions or custom made furniture that are aesthetic, functional and ergonomic, integrated or stand-alone and modular (for flexibility ), depending on the user's special needs. We pride ourselves on being a customer-centric approach for designing so that our products can perform well and meet their needs and lifestyle for custom made furniture.

Why Custom Made Furniture . . .

Whether you want to transform your home office or add a customized fun setting to your living room, we can provide you with the perfect made to measure or customized solution. Our furniture designs use general directions to focus on previously unconventional areas or blend into existing decor to complement existing cabinetry and furniture. We provide all services from study and design to installation.