Need Artistic Furniture ? At Sara Hayat Design, we believe stunning style ought to be accessible to everybody who needs it. whether or not it’s fashionable creations or unaltered  classics, our in-house team provides the right piece to finish your interior decoration and rhetorical vision with artistic furniture. Not solely is everything luxurious and innovative, it’s additionally catching...we promise!

Our Every Piece  . . . falls into Artistic Furniture


Combining our massive love for color and painting artistic designs, we tend to’ve started out to form fresh, dynamic designs, accessible to all.

From the littlest table lamp to a settee you'll be sitting on for years to come, we promise that everything isn't simply bright designed and on-trend, however also has one eye on the future. once you purchase from us, you're shopping for a bit in the form of artistic furniture that'll last long when the trends have return and gone.

Our team consists of 100+ superb individuals, operating behind the scenes to create artistic piece of furniture happen. From in-house designers and trade managers, to friendly client care and staff, most are a part of the method and addicted to creating a change.