T4 Modular wins International Architecture & Design Award 2022

The T4-Modular System by Sara Hayat Design, winner of the INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL & DESIGN AWARDS 2022, is a stunningly original and practical take on the standard modular furniture system. 


To inspire the future generation and garner international acclaim, members of the architecture & Design Community are encouraged to share their most impressive works with the public at large. The designers chosen by the community are those who are enthusiastic about their work and eager to disseminate it to the wider artistic community. Whether it's the layout of a public park, a private residence, a metro station, a bus stop, a website, a magazine, a public or private landscaping project, the furnishings of a contemporary apartment, or even a single designer chair, architecture is an ever-present element of our everyday lives. The individuality and originality of your work is what really matters.

The T4-Modular System is a set of pieces of furniture that can be purposefully chosen to serve as a support system, ostensibly without drawing attention to itself, to help us connect with one another and to expand our sense of possibility.


The concept of Playful Luxury inspired the design of the T4- Modular. The tufted cushion sections can stand alone or be put together to form an ultra-modern sofa. Photos show the sofa both in its "exploded" state and in its two distinct configurations (T4 & T3). Modular's custom padding is made from a mix of gel and high-density foam. The modular's shape will remain intact after years of use thanks to the combination cushioning. The piece is hand-made and hand-stitched. Velvet is a recommended fabric for the sofa's upholstery because of its plush feel and luxurious look. It comes in leather variations as well.


In order to keep its parts in place, T4-Modular makes use of a system of hooks, rings, and cables. Each component will be made out of wood and will have hooks and cables attached to it. The award-winning design team also put in place springs to support the high-quality mix foam. Pulling it apart will reveal the hooks and rings, which are hidden in the slits formed by the stitching.


Also currently undergoing evaluation is the T4 - Modular, which is held together by substantial, interlocking brackets. These brackets will be concealed by the modular's fabric. The final image is illustrative in nature and is subject to change.

 The best part about the T-Modular is that it can be transformed into two completely unique sofa designs—the T4 and the T3 Modular—with the addition of just two cube-shaped cushion pieces. A lot of effort was put into finding the right dimensions and shapes for each component. The modular units are versatile and can be placed anywhere from the living room to the home theatre to the playroom. It's one of a kind, and the whole family can put it to good use. Kids can take it apart to make a fort, and then reassemble it into a lovely sofa for company. Specifically, each section measures 144 inches in length, 54 inches in width, and 36 inches in height.

 The piece's versatility has made it a smash hit. By doing so, we intend to bring together the wide range of people who will sit on this sofa and demonstrate our concern for them as individuals and the human experience as a whole, solidifying its position as the 2022 prize winner.