Sara Hayat: The Visionary Designer Redefining Luxury Furniture

Since the 1870s, Sara Hayat’s family has been instrumental in shaping the world of luxury furniture, producing timeless and antique reproductions for dignitaries and clients worldwide. Drawing inspiration from her family’s rich heritage, she seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elements that define conventional furniture norms and go above and beyond in limitless designs.

One of Sara’s missions was to create a sense of belonging through each piece. Every furniture item has been meticulously crafted from the ground up and designed to create dream spaces in every home. By infusing different materials and textures into her designs, Sara has been able to create pieces that transcend time - with each one telling its own story and adding an irresistible touch of modernity!

From the intricate woodwork that pays homage to classic aesthetics and antique heritage to the use of fabrics and designs that add an unexpected twist. Every element speaks volumes about dedication and hard work, pushing boundaries but still upholding the tradition of the golden era.

As the design landscape changes with time, Sara’s mission was to go beyond mere decoration; to create environments that evoke emotions and foster a sense of belonging. Even though each furniture piece is very different and uniquely made, they are not just for aesthetic purposes, but also practical needs.

Whether it’s about designing cozy living rooms where families get together or opulent dining areas that are the perfect fit for grand celebrations - every space is envisioned by Sara, for it to become an oasis that is specifically tailored for those who inhabit it.

Sara Hayat’s commitment to carrying on her family’s legacy is evident through every design that she creates. By honoring the craftsmanship and creativity that has been passed down through generations, she ensures that each piece of furniture reflects the values and traditions ingrained in her DNA.


She continues to push boundaries while staying true to herself, and her unwavering dedication and innovation within the industry maintain strong to her roots and captivate universal audiences.