Sara Hayat Design

Mercury Drop Dining Table

$22,450.00 USD
Inspired by antique reproductions made at Sara Hayat’s family furniture studio, this dining table is a play on traditional meets industrial design. The creation is the limit between furniture and sculpture, combining contrasting elements and showcasing sophisticated craftsmanship. The result being a stunning contrast. The interesting ‘U’ shape of the Mahogany wood table legs offers a sturdy construction while creating an elegant and eye-catching balance of different spatial configurations and interior design types. As Sara Hayat believes in the materialization of thoughts, the design shows an inverted U with a mercury drop suspended in mid-air. Because of Mercury’s ability to change between solid and liquid states, this piece symbolizes the ability to transcend between life, heaven, and earth, holding inspirational connotations of celestial balance and spiritual tranquility.
Dimensions (Feet):
L8’ x W4’ x H2’.8’’
This item is handcrafted with meticulous care. Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, variations in the woodwork/metal work are to be expected and celebrated.
Variations in the natural veining make each piece of marble, wood is unique. All embroidery and stitching is done by hand. Minor variation is expected. No two items are exactly alike.
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