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Samandar Dining Table

$22,450.00 USD

The Samandar dining table* is a perfect balance of art and functionality. Its wave-like marble patterns are reminiscent of the ocean, hence the name "Samandar," which means "ocean" in Urdu. We wanted the center of the table to be a canvas for ever-changing and artistic designs while still being functional. To achieve this, we will incorporate wood or other stones to create beautiful and unique patterns that will be covered with glass or resin to make the entire surface of the table usable. With its striking design and practical features, the Samandar dining table* is a work of art that can also be a centerpiece for any room.

Dimensions (Inches):

6’.8’’ x 5’.3’’x 2’.5’’



  • Wood: Walnut
  • Polish: French dark
  • Brass Strips embedded
  • Golden Strip Legs
  • Center Marble top
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