Handmade Luxury Furniture  in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Sara Hayat Designs, a leading player in handmade luxury furniture, where our goal has always been to provide a top-notch, global design service. All of our items, both freestanding and fitted, are handcrafted by talented artisans to the greatest standards.

Our commitment to workmanship, which combines traditional beauty with the most cutting-edge contemporary design, is at the core of our concept. We hope you enjoy looking through our website, which features our entire selection of opulent furnishings.


The name Sara Hayat Designs has come to represent sophisticated, classic statement pieces created by skilled artisans from natural materials.

Sara Hayat crafts really hand made luxury furniture and works of art that may be appreciated today and by future generations. Each piece is designed and specially made to last more than a lifetime.

We are incredibly proud of the caliber, reliability, and originality of our work. Sara Hayat’s hand made luxury furniture is displayed in the finest hotels, private residences, yachts and luxury spas across the world.

Handmade Luxury Furniture in Saudi Arabia from the Finest Material

Our furniture handcrafted from the finest materials and metals. And Sara Hayat design and build signature pieces from a workshop. Combining traditional methods and modern tools, a team of artisans to create striking results with a flawless finish.

Beautiful and breathtaking, solid and functional, Sara Hayat furniture is handmade to order and built to last.


Working closely with some of the world's finest Interior Designers, Architects and a range of private clients, Sara Hayat create completely bespoke pieces and customized versions of existing designs.