Custom Made Furniture in Saudi Arabia

Our furniture is manufactured to order, and each piece is carefully thought out, planned out in great detail, and expertly crafted. A carefully curated inventory of just the finest materials is used to build and create unique furniture, reflecting the history of unmatched master artisans. Elegant joinery techniques meet industry-leading innovation to exhibit dynamic design at its best. This combines design innovation and traditional custom craftsmanship. Our furniture is constructed to order, so each piece reflects the preferences and demands of its owner.

Sara Hayat’  Custom Made Furniture in Saudi Arabia for You

We make furniture and carpentry to order for residences and businesses, specializing in slide-robes, wall paneling, media TV walls, bespoke woodwork, and luxury handcrafted yet fitted wardrobes.

We offer a whole interior for your business. This gives customers access to new construction, and we handle the full woodwork package. The beauty of this is that you only have to deal with one business and don't have to worry about getting in touch with a lot of other businesses. We make sure that the flow of our designs keeps the house's motif consistent from room to room.

At Sara Hayat Design, we take pride in creating furniture that will go well with every room in the house. We design stunning pieces that add character and beauty to every space, from wall paneling and new doors to office furniture and bespoke kitchens. Our primary goal is to design a beautiful, cozy atmosphere that reflects the uniqueness of each customer. As expert artisans, we are dedicated to producing everything with the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Every project that is taken on is entirely unique. To create something truly original that satisfies all of your criteria, our skilled designers will discuss design requirements, style preferences, and budget in detail. then manually made in our workshop by our skilled carpenters each time. We pride ourselves on delivering a product that will meet or surpass your expectations because we are wholly focused on our customers' demands.