Lattice Table: Where Functionality Meets Style for an Unforgettable Visual Impact

Introducing the Lattice coffee table – a true, original masterpiece that demands attention with its stunning graphical design. This exceptional piece from Sara Hayat Design offers a fresh take on contemporary aesthetics, boasting a bold, artistic look that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Embracing Change: Inspired by Kintsugi

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi, the Lattice embodies the transformative power of embracing change and living in the present. With its gold-colored painted metal mesh and Olympic ring-inspired spheres, this custom coffee table becomes a captivating statement piece that infuses a natural essence into any space. Let the Lattice inspire you to embrace the beauty of imperfection and make a bold statement in your home.

Crafted with Durability and Charm

Immerse yourself in the enduring beauty of the Lattice. Meticulously crafted with a sturdy wooden top, it emanates rustic charm that captivates. The walnut wood, elegantly polished with the allure of French dark, bestows a touch of sophistication to elevate any space. But there's more – the inclusion of brass strips, seamlessly woven into the design, amplifies its visual allure, creating a captivating fusion of materials that beckons admiration.

The Perfect Balance: Functionality Meets Style

Featuring a mesmerizing golden iron mesh, the Lattice effortlessly merges functionality and style. This exquisite detail not only enhances the table's design with depth but also imparts an undeniable uniqueness that captures attention. It serves as a remarkable testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail that defines Sara Hayat Design. Prepare to be inspired by the impeccable blend of artistry and functionality.

A Touch of Opulence: Marble Top Option

For those who desire a touch of opulence, indulge in the exquisite marble top option, available upon request. With the addition of elegant marble, the Lattice transcends to new heights of luxury, becoming an even more captivating centerpiece for your living room or lounge area. Experience the allure of elevated design and create a space that truly inspires.


  • Length: 75"
  • Width: 42"
  • Height: 28"

Timeless Elegance with a Modern Flair

The Lattice seamlessly merges timeless elegance with a modern flair, establishing itself as the captivating centerpiece of any room. Its exceptional design and meticulous craftsmanship make it an investment piece that transcends time.

So, whether you aspire to revitalize your living space or infuse your office with sophistication, the Lattice coffee table is the ultimate choice. Prepare to elevate your surroundings with this functional yet artistically crafted masterpiece from Sara Hayat Design.

Order your Lattice coffee table today and indulge in the seamless fusion of functionality and style! Experience the transformation firsthand!