Inside the Mind of an Award-Winning Furniture Designer: An Interview with Sara Hayat, Featured in Home & Garden Colorado

Sara Hayat, the esteemed founder of Sara Hayat Design, hails from a long lineage of distinguished furniture craftsmen, with a heritage dating back more than 150 years. Born and raised among the skilled woodsmiths of Pakistan, Hayat interestingly did not follow in the footsteps of her family before her. As a matter of fact, she embarked initially on a career in finance after completing her studies in math and economics. However, a true aesthete, her passion for design ran deep in her veins which eventually drew her back to her roots of furniture making. Today, Hayat is an internationally acclaimed furniture designer who is seamlessly bridging eastern traditions with western modernity. Recognizing the profound impact of our living spaces, Hayat's award-winning furnishing collections now bear the imprints of her visionary perspective and the legacy of the generations before her.

Hayat's formative years and diverse encounters have greatly shaped her design influences. As a true artist, she seeks inspiration from any and all mediums. From the intricate materials and vibrant hues found in sneakers to the meticulous detailing of automotive craftsmanship, she finds inspiration in the multifaceted world around her which are reflected in her work. It is this amalgamation of various stimuli, including auditory narratives, that fuels her creative endeavors. Motivated by an insatiable curiosity, Hayat eagerly studies the works of acclaimed designers, constantly in pursuit of a deeper understanding of their creative methodologies. In doing so, she seeks to uncover the underlying inspirations and formative experiences that have shaped their iconic masterpieces.

The furniture industry is often considered notorious for being influenced by fleeting trends but Hayat goes against the grain and takes a steadfast approach. Longevity and timelessness therefore hold intrinsic value according to her. By transcending the transitory allure of passing fads, Hayat aims to create furniture that endures the test of time and remains relevant amidst evolving tastes and preferences. Her commitment to crafting antifragile pieces underscores her devotion to the enduring beauty of timeless classics.

When it comes to her choice of materials, Hayat's reverence for the nobility of real wood is undeniable. Its warmth resonates deeply within her creative ethos. However, she emphasizes that the true essence lies not only in the material itself but in the mastery of craftsmanship and attention to detail. It is through these meticulous endeavors that any material can truly shine and fulfill its potential.

Reflecting upon the evolving landscape of the furniture industry, Hayat observes a paradigmatic shift away from the traditional emphasis on wood. Metals and alternative wood-like materials such as medium-density fiberboard and veneer have gained prominence. This shift in focus, she notes, prioritizes the aesthetic appeal of furniture over the timeless craftsmanship and durability that were once paramount.

At a fundamental level, Hayat's design philosophy harmoniously amalgamates form and function, infusing her creations with an unwavering commitment to beauty and comfort. Each piece is meticulously crafted with exclusivity and made-to-order precision that foster connections, facilitate meaningful interactions and above all, create joyful memories. For her,  the true essence and impact of any design emanates from a deeper understanding and study of human nature and the intricate nuances that define our existence. In this the design acts as a bridge that fosters connections and serves as a testament to the intricate interplay between aesthetics and emotional engagement.